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Learn how UpWind changed the wind industry, developed the brightest people, and contributes to the community.

UpWind SolutionsUpWind’s Story

UpWind Solutions was established in 2007 with the objective of filling a much needed gap in the wind industry. Wind farm owners were limited to O&M services provided by the original manufacturer (OEM) who were not transparent or aligned with the interest of the owner. UpWind filled the gap by building an ISP that set goals, contracts, and drove innovations to meet the needs of the owner, not the turbine manufacturer. “The only true independent full service provider remaining in the US” (Source MAKE “Global Wind Turbine O&M” Sector Report 30 June 2014)

UpWind signed their first O&M deal in 2008 and has since expanded what an ISP of O&M services can provide. In 2009, they were the first to include full service agreements with warranty services, then they added parts and logistics capabilities in 2011, engineering services and 24/7 remote operations in 2012, and the latest offering UpWind Insight™ which gathers and interprets data to drive better results for the owners.

UpWind had to overcome the perception that the OEM knows the most about the turbine and services the best, where an ISP couldn’t possibly service it better. An ISP can not only match an OEM, but can provide superior service and results through a more diverse technology platform, customer focus, innovation, transparency, key insights, and choices for the owner provided over long term collaborative relationships.

Now, the evolution of UpWind is continuing to drive innovative solutions that extend the asset life, reduce operating expenses, and increasing annual energy production (AEP) for the owner. The way to accomplish those goals is by developing a reliability-centered maintenance strategy for wind farm O&M, redefining the industry once again.

UpWind built “innovation” into the core company values. One of the top company objectives is innovation through new product development and operations. UpWind closely tracks progress with key performance metrics that they measure themselves against regularly. Building innovation into the culture is what keeps UpWind one step ahead in the wind O&M industry.

UpWind’s company culture is based on quality, safety, job satisfaction, employee engagement, and community. UpWind gives back by donating financial and labor resources to the Light the World charity who is bringing electricity via small scale renewable energy systems to areas of the world that are currently living without power.

UpWind understands the value of their people and has built employee recognition and training into the company culture. They have developed programs like You.First, CLIMB, and Leadership Development Program (LDP) that support the team and give them opportunities for more training and growth within the company.

Through these initiatives, UpWind had an overall decrease in employee turnover each year since 2012, had 39 internal employee promotions in 2014, and the employee survey participation has increased from 50% in 2013 to 76% in 2014. The survey had very positive results, with a decrease in the overall negative scores from the previous year. In 2015, approximately 24% of UpWind’s employees will have five or more year’s tenure with the company. The industry often credits UpWind with having the best and brightest people in the field and on the management team.

UpWind SolutionsOur Vision

Our vision is simple; to make O&M Services in Wind Energy better. We will achieve this in two ways:

  1. Safer, higher quality service execution with the best technicians, delivering...
  2. More production over a longer asset life with lower costs.

The first goal will be delivered through our O&M Excellence© platform that combines our core values with our safety, quality, employee and technology programs, in order to deliver consistent and exceptional services for our customers.

Our second goal will be achieved by augmenting our O&M Excellence platform with our performance engineering system, UpWind Insight™, enabling highly effective data capture, analysis, reporting and in-field response.

We call this ‘A Higher Standard of Service™’ and believe our commitment, focus, innovation and comprehensive service delivery adds value to our customers, and our industry, through improved results.


UpWind Leadership TeamJoin the most talented team in the industry

Interested in a career with UpWind Solutions?

Be on the front lines of the wind energy industry’s leading independent service provider. UpWind Solutions combines an innovative approach with deep experience in the important emerging field of wind power. Our reputation is a reason for pride. Our innovation is a reason for excitement. We invite you to be part of our team.

At UpWind, you will learn from some of the very best people in the industry. You will be trained continuously and comprehensively. Ultimately, your expertise and experience will be one of UpWind’s greatest assets. A rewarding career awaits you...go ahead and apply!

For current UpWind Solutions open postions, please visit Vestas Careers website.



Giving Back

Light the World

UpWind has organized a partnership with the Light the World charity, who are developing innovative solutions to bring renewable energy to the darkest corners of the earth. They believe that “every child needs a light” and are on a mission to accomplish that with the help of organizations like UpWind. We help by providing financial, technical, and labor support to make their goals a reality.

Kid Wind

UpWind Solutions is proud to be an active sponsor of the KidWind Project® and the KidWind Challenge.
The KidWind team of teachers, engineers and scientists is committed to energy education for the next generation. Over the past 5 years, the KidWind Project has trained more than 4500 teachers in 37 states about integrating wind energy science and technology into classrooms.

UpWind Solutions has been active in the KidWind Challenge, a student-oriented wind turbine design contest, for the past several years. During the challenge, students spend time designing and constructing their own wind turbines with the goal of creating something both efficient and elegant. Members of UpWind’s leadership team have acted as mentors and judges for the students participating in the KidWind Challenge at WindPower 2010 and 2011.

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“UpWind’s O&M service offering ranks in the highest capability range of any O&M service provider” DNV GL Capabilities Assessment 07.08.2014
“When we need more knowledge, we call UpWind” Erik Homen - AES Wind Generation, Lead Technician
“This is a great report. Thank you for sending this. It is very helpful. This is exactly what we were looking for.” Josh Fausset Manager Renewable Energy, OGE Energy Corp
“It is considered that UpWind’s parts management and inventory is consistent with industry best practices.” DNV GL Capabilities Assessment 07.08.2014