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UpWind's O&M Excellence Approach

Our O&M Excellence model offers transparency, collaboration, and partnering with our customers to improve production, extend asset life and lower the cost of electricity.

No other wind turbine service provider works in greater partnership with wind project owners to maximize profits over the full project life span. UpWind Solutions has no financial ties to the wind turbine OEMs, allowing us to create long-term, mutually beneficial relationships that align our interests with wind energy project owners.

Through an innovative approach, we provide an increased level of service by tailoring our offerings to meet the needs and expectations of each wind project owner.

On every site and for every job, we work together with our partners to develop a plan that ensures each project operates at its peak over its entire life cycle.

Strategic Goals

At the onset of every project, we spend considerable time understanding the specific needs of our wind project owners. Our trained staff then works with the owners to develop strategic goals that translate into contractual service levels that will meet the required performance for the project.

Customize the Service Package

Based upon each project’s goals, UpWind Solutions tailors our service package to ensure optimum wind energy project performance. We structure our service agreements so that everyone on the team, from site supervisor to technician, is rewarded for meeting these performance goals.

Promote an Outstanding Work Ethic

Because our team is rewarded for delivering the right results, everyone is focused on working hard and meeting complex challenges. This culture of finding solutions ensures wind turbines are always in top performance mode when winds are at their highest so our project owners can reap the opportunities created by high winds.

Train for Excellence

Not only do we hire the best technicians in the industry, we also invest in their training to ensure that they do the right thing at the right time, the first time and every time. This commitment to safety, quality and excellence is the key to our success and top performance in the wind industry.

Deliver Results

Our track record is proven and our results speak for themselves. UpWind delivers the highest possible energy yields and project ROI. We achieve this not only by delivering an average 99+% availability, but also by reducing costs per kW hour.




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