AnneMarie Graves

AnneMarie Graves

AnneMarie Graves has 11 years of experience assessing performance and reliability of wind projects. She is the Director of Performance Engineering and will be directly involved in helping UpWind analyze their +3 GW fleet of O&M projects in order to reduce cost, increase production, and improve reliability over the lifetime of the asset.

AnneMarie has quickly positioned herself as a leader in the wind industry helping project owners improve performance of their assets. She has experience with over 20% of the operating projects in the United States and Canada and 11 years of engineering and management experience in assessing performance and reliability of operating wind projects, predicting wind project production, and modeling turbine life.

She has presented and chaired sessions at the AWEA WINDPOWER conferences and WEU’s O&M Summits on “Maximizing Project Production” and “Long Term Ownership: Key Challenges and What to Expect.” On top of her work as an engineer, she has co-chaired women in leadership conferences for the Women of Wind Energy organization in 2011 and 2012.

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Clipper VG Case Study

UpWind’s Vortex Generator (VG) solution has been installed on thousands of turbine blades and proven a positive AEP increase on several turbine technologies. It is important to prove the upgrade solution on each turbine technology and blade type to give owner’s a clear picture of expected production (AEP) increase.