Dave Peachey

Dave Peachey

As the Vice President of Engineering at UpWind Solutions, Dave Peachey directs the development of technology based offerings for UpWind, strengthening the company’s commitment to engineering solutions that help technicians find and fix problems before wind turbines go down.

Dave has over thirty years of engineering experience and innovative solution development, most recently as CTO at KomBea Corporation. His expertise and leadership drives the company’s strategic focus on intelligent O&M products and services that increase wind project reliability, production and profitability, making costly unscheduled maintenance and repairs a thing of the past. He has led innovation and development of technologies like UpWind Insight™, Smart Tech, Vortex Generators, and Analytics, that all help improve performance for customers.

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S88 VG Case Study

UpWind’s Vortex Generator (VG) solution has been installed on thousands of turbine blades and proven a positive AEP increase on several turbine technologies. It is important to prove the upgrade solution on each turbine technology and blade type to give owner’s a clear picture of expected production (AEP) increase.