Hansen Hunt

Hansen Hunt

Hansen Hunt is the Marketing Manager at UpWind. He is charged with creating content that helps educate customers about improving their wind farm's performance through O&M best practices and new technologies.

He has 10 years of digital marketing experience, is a craft beer geek, and runs local Inbound marketing events in San Diego.

Upwind Blog

UpWind’s comprehensive O&M services now include two new options to optimize value and profitability throughout the project’s lifecycle.

San Diego - UpWind Solutions, Inc., North America’s most comprehensive independent operations and maintenance (O&M) service provider for wind energy, adds two new services to their portfolio to…

  • Optimize service value and asset profitability through the entire lifecycle of the project.
  • Help owners optimize the value of their OEM warranty and provide turbine protection options after the EOW period.

The new services, Warranty Optimizer and Turbine Protection, help wind farm owners increase production, lower operating costs, and extend asset life, ultimately maximizing profitability.

Finalists for the 2015 Wind Energy Update O&M Excellence Awards Announced

The official shortlist for the upcoming Wind Energy Update (WEU) O&M Excellence Awards, sponsored by E.ON and Danish Wind Power Academy Americas (DWPAA), has now been released; the winner of each category will be announced on-site at the upcoming Wind Energy O&M Summit USA, Dallas on Tuesday 14th April. 

San Diego - UpWind Solutions, Inc., the wind industry’s most comprehensive operations and maintenance (O&M) service provider, has installed Vortex Generator  (VG) technology at six of BP Wind Energy’s wholly-owned US wind farms:  Titan 1, in South Dakota; Edom Hills in California, Flat  Ridge 1 in Kansas; and Trinity Hills, Silver Star 1 and Sherbino 2 in Texas.  When several hundred VGs are installed on wind turbine blades, they can improve aerodynamic efficiency and can increase the power generated by the turbines.

UpWind brings Josh Crayton on board to help lead and innovate the team’s blade operations and maintenance (O&M) services. Josh brings nine years of wind turbine blade O&M experience. He is the new Business Manager of Blade Services and will be helping wind farm owners extend the life of their assets and improve production through blade upgrades and reliability-centered maintenance for blades.

UpWind Solutions builds their performance engineering team by adding AnneMarie Graves who brings 11 years of experience assessing performance and reliability of wind projects. She is the new Director of Performance Engineering and will be directly involved in helping UpWind analyze their +3 GW fleet of O&M projects in order to reduce cost, increase production, and improve reliability over the lifetime of the asset.

The UpWind team is very excited to welcome wind industry experts to the leading Wind O&M and Safety Seminar in San Diego on January 15th and 16th. We are a local San Diego company with our new headquarters only a short distance from the seminar on Coronado Island and are proud to be chairing the annual AWEA event that features over 47 speakers across 15 sessions in a two day period. The event is fun, enlightening, and innovative. All attendees are sure to walk away with actionable wind farm operations and maintenance strategies that you can implement and begin benefitting from right away.

Tom Kiernan will be there to represent AWEA and discuss the future of O&M and its importance to the success of wind industry. The seminar will be kicked off by the program chairs Tom Kiernan, CEO of AWEA, Peter Wells, CEO of UpWind Solutions, and Gary Lee, Health and Safety Manager for EDP Renewables North America.  They will be discussing the most innovative O&M and safety best practices, new technology, and how we can shape the future of O&M in wind.

CIRI's Fire Island Wind Farm, a remote site off the coast of Anchorage, is already exceeding expectations for power production. UpWind Solutions and CIRI have worked together to ensure the turbines are available when the wind is blowing and the community needs the power. Chris Rose, the Exeuctive Director of Renewable Energy Alaska Project, states that "Fire Island is displacing more natural gas than would be used in 4,000 homes over the course of the year." 

We are happy to announce that our San Diego office has moved to a new location. The office provides us with a much larger space to accommodate the rapid growth we have experienced. One highlight is the 9,000 sq. ft. warehouse that enables us to continue expanding our services for our customers. It is designed to align with our core values and ensure a Higher Standard of Service to our customers as well as our staff.