Jessica Joyce

Jessica Joyce

Jessica Joyce returned to UpWind Solutions as the Vice President of Sales & Marketing in June 2014 after previously serving as the company’s Sr. Director Sales and Marketing for 4 years. Jessica brings with her nearly two decades of strategic business development experience in a variety of global industries including renewable energy. In the role Jessica is tasked with developing the company’s sales and marketing strategies and leading the team to successful execution. Jessica graduated the University of Rochester with a Bachelor’s degree in Japanese.

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The spinner anemometer (iSpin) is a proven way to identify yaw-misalignment (DNV-GL) and measure power curves (IEC Standards). While it may be a simple idea, to measure the wind speed and direction from in front of the rotor, many people have submitted questions regarding the technology. Here are the top questions submitted, with responses from Karl Fatrdla of ROMO Wind. If you missed the webinar, you can watch the recording for an in depth discussion of the iSpin technology. 

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A wind farm project is meant to run at full capacity on day one, yet the reality is that many projects under produce while they ramp up. A typical wind farm produces approximately 2% less annual energy production (AEP) in their first year due to the turbines not being fully prepared for commercial operation.