Joshua Crayton

Joshua Crayton

Josh is an avid climber and nine years ago took his passion to a new level by making it a career as a rope access technician climbing and repairing turbine blades. He quickly grew with the company and industry helping to develop the rope access business and overall blade services part of the business. His hands on experience, high safety and quality standards, and business acumen make him a great fit for the UpWind team.

Josh has spoken on blade O&M services several times including at the AWEA O&M & Safety Seminar on “New Blade Concepts Affecting O&M” and Optimizing Wind Power O&M Conference on “Cutting to the core: Maintaining your turbine blades.” His unique talents and expertise will help UpWind continue to lead the way as the most comprehensive O&M service provider in North America.

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A blade maintenance strategy is founded through compiling comprehensive site and blade health data, analysis of the data followed by a budget to enable a proactive program for the foreseeable future. What comes next is adapting an effective strategy of execution to the known issues and react to the unknown.

Industrial wind blades were not built to weather a 20 year life without maintenance as they inherently experience fatigue and normal wear and tear ultimately resulting in diminished AEP and increasing repair costs.  By adjusting the approach from reactive to proactive and staying ahead of the fatigue cycle, many of these costs can be avoided and in fact if approached appropriately can extend asset life.  Let’s examine what supports a proactive approach.