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Why does it matter?

UpWind Celebrates 5 YearsLet's face it, we probably all ask ourselves this question from time to time. We all recognize that we are fortunate to live in a great country, have a job, a home, clean clothes and good food. For many people around the world, just one of these would be miraculous. Even so, we want to know we matter, that what we do matters, that we make a difference.

The answer is not universal or generic but personal; however, one commonality is that your inner purpose should match your outer effort.

I grew up in the UK, graduated from college in 1991 and have been fortunate to work and live in England, Belgium, Hong Kong, and the US. I love travel and I love experiencing new cultures. I don't think there is anything more enriching in life. 

Some twenty plus years after finishing college I find myself reflecting on career, family, friends, and purpose. How did I arrive at this point, what does the future hold, will I be successful, and how is success measured anyway?

Reflection is good, but it's worth noting that the past is gone and the future is not under our control. We can plan of course and ensure that we're doing what we can to succeed for ourselves and our customers. The key though is to live in and enjoy the present.

I love our business and our industry. I love my job. Why? Because we're good and we matter. Every day we work in the moment to deliver high quality, safe services for our customers. In so doing, we make wind energy more effective, driving more production for lower relative cost.

What's good for our customers is good for our industry, which is good for the environment, and good for us. That feels pretty good to me.

In the past five years we have developed the leading independent service provider option in the US. For half of that time I have been here assessing and steering that evolution. What I know is this, not all O&M offerings are equal and not all service providers live quality and safety in the way our teams do.

At UpWind, A Higher Standard of Service™ means something. It's more than a tag line, it's a passion backed up with detailed training and programs for safety and quality.

We expect our teams to excel and they do. We are working hard every day to provide the infrastructure for that excellence. Our purpose is to continue our evolution, to stay ahead of the pack, to overcome challenges and setbacks, provide new opportunities, and to grow. All while retaining our core passion and delivery of excellence. 

For the most part we get it right, but sometimes we fall short, we recognize where and we fix it.

My inner purpose is to ensure UpWind excels and in so doing, makes a positive difference to the environment. My outer effort aligns with that purpose

Enjoy the moment folks; you make a difference and what you do matters.



Peter Wells

Peter Wells

Peter Wells is a senior executive business leader with 27 years of global experience in renewable energy, energy technology, power projects, construction engineering and consulting. He was named Chief Executive Officer in September 2011, after serving as the company’s Chief Operating Officer. His demonstrated leadership, vision, and strategic thinking have been instrumental in fulfilling the overall corporate strategy of consistently providing customers a full-service offering at a lower cost per kilowatt hour.

Peter is focused on the continued growth and development of UpWind as the leading wind energy independent service provider (ISP) on utility scale wind power projects in North America. His commitment has been demonstrated through the development of an ISP that both sets the industry standard for O&M Excellence© but also continues to innovate how O&M providers can produce better results for wind farm owners.

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