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UpWind Solutions Global CompactAs we continue to grow we recognize the importance of making sure we have a strong corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy and policy. By putting principles and controls around integrity in place now we can ensure that we maintain our core values, our passion for A Higher Standard of Service™ and appropriate business practices long after we establish a global business model (customers, markets and supply chain).

In April we joined the United Nations (UN) Global Compact as a major step in our CSR strategy. The Global Compact is a voluntary international corporate citizenship initiative that defines 10 core principles to help businesses better position themselves for growth, on a global scale, while maintaining high standards for social responsibility.

Why is CSR important? While it is certainly the case that our business exists to make a profit, it is equally important that making a profit is not achieved at a cost, expense or loss to society. We must take into consideration all of our stakeholders …employees, neighbors, families, schools, investors, land owners and so on …and ensure we are good stewards of the planets resources for future generations and take care to support equal opportunities and human rights.

The 10 core principles of the Global Compact address four critical areas, namely:

  • Human Rights
  • Labor
  • Environment
  • Anti-corruption

As a member of the Global Compact we will be implementing actions to address our commitment to these principles, as well as tracking our progress, through an annual report called a ‘Communication on Progress’ that is delivered to the United Nations and publicly available.

Our primary means of engagement is through business strategy and operations, however, we will also be exploring partnerships, advocacy, awareness, collective action, local networks, policy dialogues, social investment, philanthropy and other forms of engagement that maximize the value and impact of participating in the Global Compact.

Please join me in making a commitment to being a good corporate citizen. I hope you will share your thoughts and ideas too. Engage in our journey and help make each step we take a positive one.

Peter Wells

Peter Wells

Peter Wells is a senior executive business leader with 27 years of global experience in renewable energy, energy technology, power projects, construction engineering and consulting. He was named Chief Executive Officer in September 2011, after serving as the company’s Chief Operating Officer. His demonstrated leadership, vision, and strategic thinking have been instrumental in fulfilling the overall corporate strategy of consistently providing customers a full-service offering at a lower cost per kilowatt hour.

Peter is focused on the continued growth and development of UpWind as the leading wind energy independent service provider (ISP) on utility scale wind power projects in North America. His commitment has been demonstrated through the development of an ISP that both sets the industry standard for O&M Excellence© but also continues to innovate how O&M providers can produce better results for wind farm owners.

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