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Wind Operations

The UpWind team is very excited to welcome wind industry experts to the leading Wind O&M and Safety Seminar in San Diego on January 15th and 16th. We are a local San Diego company with our new headquarters only a short distance from the seminar on Coronado Island and are proud to be chairing the annual AWEA event that features over 47 speakers across 15 sessions in a two day period. The event is fun, enlightening, and innovative. All attendees are sure to walk away with actionable wind farm operations and maintenance strategies that you can implement and begin benefitting from right away.

Tom Kiernan will be there to represent AWEA and discuss the future of O&M and its importance to the success of wind industry. The seminar will be kicked off by the program chairs Tom Kiernan, CEO of AWEA, Peter Wells, CEO of UpWind Solutions, and Gary Lee, Health and Safety Manager for EDP Renewables North America.  They will be discussing the most innovative O&M and safety best practices, new technology, and how we can shape the future of O&M in wind.

With at least 47 industry leaders already confirmed to speak, attendees will be able to hear about all aspects of the industry and participate in the conversations to help steer O&M in the right direction for wind energy as whole. At the two day seminar, attendees can collaborate with all O&M and safety sectors including ISPs, OEMs, technology and specialized service providers, and wind farm owners. Learn about the latest developments and best practices for turbine reliability and safety.

Session Tracks

  1. O&M Track: Example topics include reliability centered maintenance, blade technology, and big data
  2. Health, Safety, and Environment Track: Example topics include standardization of training, OSHA, and dropped objects

Event Details

AWEA O&M and Safety Seminar
Date: January 15-16, 2014
Location: San Diego, CA – Hotel Del Coronado

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We are honored to play a role in this event that brings everyone together, regardless of competition, to find new solutions and move the industry forward as a group. Wind must be able to compete with oil and to do so we must be operating at peak performance which requires advancements in O&M. Through collaboration, open communication, new technology, and improved standards, O&M can play a large role in making wind an even more viable alternative energy source than it already is.

Photo Credit: Reid McIntyre at the Trinity Hills Wind Farm