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vg-instalation-web2UpWind signed a contract to install their Vortex Generator (VG) technology on 300 turbines owned by EDP Renewables.

EDP Renewables Executive Vice President of Asset Operations, Brian Hayes, stated “Extensive trials on many projects and turbine types over several years have clearly demonstrated the value of vortex generators and we’re proceeding with installation at a number of our projects throughout the US.”

VGs improve the wind flow characteristics of the blades enabling them to produce more lift and thereby improve turbine efficiency. A reliable methodology for quantifying efficiency improvements enabled UpWind to provide EDP Renewables a performance guarantee that both organizations are confident the vortex generators will exceed.

UpWind’s CEO, Peter Wells, stated “We are committed to providing the wind energy industry with solutions that enable more production, lower operating costs and longer asset life for a sustainable energy future. VGs are one of these solutions and we are thrilled to have secured this opportunity with EDPR, a leading owner operator with a highly sophisticated asset management model. It’s an important validation of an exciting product.”

UpWind Solutions partnered with SMART BLADE® and 3M™ to develop a solution that results in a safe, efficient, and repeatable installation process with an average one day installation period per turbine. The resulting VG solution has an optimized installation pattern for each blade type, repeatable templates to increase speed and accuracy, 3M™ adhesive that is quick and easy to apply, and high safety standards utilizing cost effective rope access teams. The VG solution requires minimal downtime to install, while offering asset owners a safe and effective upgrade to their wind turbines.

Hansen Hunt

Hansen Hunt

Hansen Hunt is the Marketing Manager at UpWind. He is charged with creating content that helps educate customers about improving their wind farm's performance through O&M best practices and new technologies.

He has 10 years of digital marketing experience, is a craft beer geek, and runs local Inbound marketing events in San Diego.

Topics: performance engineering, repairs & upgrades, vortex generators