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An improvement of just one ISO code in oil cleanliness can extend the bearing’s “relative life” by 20%. Three code drops can provide a 70% life extension.   

Clean oil from day one maximizes the life of the gearbox components and provides the greatest cost savings if done at the time the turbine is commissioned. New technologies allow wind farm owner/operators to improve oil cleanliness in the wind turbine gearbox starting on the day it is commissioned.   By implementing this reliability-centered maintenance approach from COD, owners can significantly lower maintenance cost and extended equipment life. That can add years of uninterrupted service and significant increases in return on their investment.

A wind farm project is meant to run at full capacity on day one, yet the reality is that many projects under produce while they ramp up. A typical wind farm produces approximately 2% less annual energy production (AEP) in their first year due to the turbines not being fully prepared for commercial operation.

S88 VG Case Study

UpWind’s Vortex Generator (VG) solution has been installed on thousands of turbine blades and proven a positive AEP increase on several turbine technologies. It is important to prove the upgrade solution on each turbine technology and blade type to give owner’s a clear picture of expected production (AEP) increase.

When selecting a service provider for your wind energy assets, you have tremendous choice. From the Original Equipment Manufacturer, to an Independent Service Provider, or the increasing number of owner operators offering pseudo independent services. There are certain fundamentals for great service that apply to all and these should be understood in depth in order to fully understand what you will and what you won’t be getting from a service provider.

On June 23rd, 2015, SkySpecs was awarded a 333 exemption – the only type of clearance that authorizes companies to legally fly drones in the US. As UpWind’s official partner in the wind industry, this FAA Exemption allows SkySpecs to fly an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) with their proprietary collision-avoidance technology called Guardian to visually inspect and photograph wind turbines.

Traditionally, original equipment manufacturer (OEM) focus has been on designing turbines that will last 20 years, perform reliably and produce as the nameplate describes. As turbine reliability increases, maintenance costs and downtime should decrease. However, significant unknowns remain for the turbine life cycle. This means OEMs, owners and independent service providers (ISPs) alike are all watching the installed base closely to learn how to offer better planned and unplanned maintenance solutions. To do so, they rely heavily on data and service innovation for improved production, lower operating expense and extended project life.

Download BetterWorks Case Study A veteran of General Electric (GE), UpWind Solutions’ CEO Peter Wells understands the power of operational excellence. That’s why he asked his team to set regular strategic and operational goals and capture them in PowerPoint. Yet he quickly discovered employees had difficulty connecting goals across organizations and regularly evaluating them to see what adjustments should be made. All of that is changing with BetterWorks. Wells and everyone on the UpWind team now use the BetterWorks enterprise goals platform to see, measure and track goals, and leaders are using that increased insight to set all employees up for greater success.

UpWind Solutions was honored to be selected as one of the companies that Secretary of Energy Dr. Ernest Moniz visited at WINDPOWER 2015 in order to display our latest developments in wind farm O&M Excellence.

"We are counting on you being a huge part of the solution," said U.S. Secretary of Energy Dr. Ernest Moniz regarding wind energy to the audience at the opening ceremony of WINDPOWER 2015. This was a historic year for the conference as it was the first time in 15 years that the Secretary of Energy has made an appearance, shown support and a renewed commitment to wind energy.