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The UpWind team is very excited to welcome wind industry experts to the leading Wind O&M and Safety Seminar in San Diego on January 15th and 16th. We are a local San Diego company with our new headquarters only a short distance from the seminar on Coronado Island and are proud to be chairing the annual AWEA event that features over 47 speakers across 15 sessions in a two day period. The event is fun, enlightening, and innovative. All attendees are sure to walk away with actionable wind farm operations and maintenance strategies that you can implement and begin benefitting from right away.

Tom Kiernan will be there to represent AWEA and discuss the future of O&M and its importance to the success of wind industry. The seminar will be kicked off by the program chairs Tom Kiernan, CEO of AWEA, Peter Wells, CEO of UpWind Solutions, and Gary Lee, Health and Safety Manager for EDP Renewables North America.  They will be discussing the most innovative O&M and safety best practices, new technology, and how we can shape the future of O&M in wind.

CIRI's Fire Island Wind Farm, a remote site off the coast of Anchorage, is already exceeding expectations for power production. UpWind Solutions and CIRI have worked together to ensure the turbines are available when the wind is blowing and the community needs the power. Chris Rose, the Exeuctive Director of Renewable Energy Alaska Project, states that "Fire Island is displacing more natural gas than would be used in 4,000 homes over the course of the year." 

We are happy to announce that our San Diego office has moved to a new location. The office provides us with a much larger space to accommodate the rapid growth we have experienced. One highlight is the 9,000 sq. ft. warehouse that enables us to continue expanding our services for our customers. It is designed to align with our core values and ensure a Higher Standard of Service to our customers as well as our staff.

What safety means to UpWind

Are we good, or are we lucky? This was the question that our former CEO Marty Crotty, and my former boss, was fond of asking our team when talking about our safety program.  Marty would also look for a show of hands for how many people had changed a light bulb while standing on a chair instead of a ladder or step, or crossed a road even though there wasn’t a green signal. These questions always struck me as compelling. They forced our team to consider the reality of their situation, and to be honest about their actions, their decisions, they drove awareness.

What is Reliability-Centered Maintenance?

“A reliability-centered maintenance program includes only those tasks which satisfy the criteria for both applicability and effectiveness. The applicability of a task is determined by the characteristics of the item, and its effectiveness is defined in terms of the consequences the task is designed to prevent.” (Source: Nowlan and Heap, 1978)

UpWind Solutions, Inc., the wind industry’s most comprehensive operations and maintenance (O&M) independent service provider, along with SMART BLADE®, wind industry aerodynamic experts, announced they have partnered with 3M™ to deliver the best-in-class Vortex Generators (VGs) for wind turbine rotor blades. The expertise of the three organizations created a new VG solution that is aerodynamically tested to provide the highest possible increase in AEP, with proven durability, and a standardized installation process that reduces costs and downtime.  

UpWind Solutions, Inc., the wind industry’s most comprehensive operations and maintenance (O&M) independent service provider, announced they have signed a long term O&M agreement for the Sand Bluff wind farm in West Texas, representing 90 MW of production. The wind farm is owned and operated by E.ON Climate & Renewables (EC&R) North America who selected UpWind Solutions to perform the O&M services on the 45 Gamesa G87 turbines.

UpWind Solutions, Inc., the wind industry’s most comprehensive operations and maintenance (O&M) independent service provider, announced they have signed an agreement to provide their recently launched drive train health monitoring solution called UpWind Sentinel™ at the Fire Island Wind Farm in Alaska. The wind farm is owned and operated by Fire Island Wind LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Cook Inlet Region Inc. (CIRI).

UpWind Solutions, Inc. is the wind industry’s leading third party provider of asset management operations and maintenance services (O&M) with 2.5+ GW in their fleet. In April, they joined the UN’s voluntary corporate citizenship initiative Global Compact to help maintain high standards for social responsibility while positioning themselves on a global scale. UpWind supports the ten principles of the Global Compact with respect to human rights, labor standards, protection of the environment, and anti-corruption.