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UpWind Solutions, Inc. Announces New Technology Partnership with Control Consulting, Inc.
Strategic Alliance Furthers UpWind’s Service Offering and Drives Value and Lower Costs for their Customers

San Diego, CA (June 2, 2012) – UpWind Solutions, Inc (“UpWind”), the wind industry’s leading third party provider of asset management operations and maintenance services, announced their new technology partnership with Control Consulting, Inc. (CCI) of Houston, Texas. This strategic technology partnership is a key milestone that further advances UpWind’s O&M service offering, by driving value creation and lower costs for their customers while consistently delivering a higher standard of service, through the use of Big Data management and predictive analysis.

Control Consulting Incorporated (CCI) is an independent engineering consulting firm which specializes in advanced, real-time computer applications for energy process industries, specifically with a toolbox of multivariable control with many different refining, chemical, and petrochemical processes. By combining the CCI software toolbox with UpWind’s algorithms and GUI design, UpWind has developed their proprietary UpWind Analytics™ solution which they will be unveiling at WindPower 2012 this week as both an stand-alone offering and an augmentation to a customer’s current service portfolio. UpWind Analytics ™ predictive software solution is easy to use and provides early warnings of potential failures that, if they were to go undetected, would cause wind project owners lost revenue through downtime and/or costly repairs. By utilizing this new predictive analytics tool, UpWind’s Performance Engineering team will be able to identify emergent needs early and implement appropriate planning solutions into a customer’s maintenance cycle.

“UpWind is primarily a service business with a strong five-year track record built on a foundation of safety, quality and the best technicians in the industry,” says Peter Wells, CEO of UpWind Solutions. “We are evolving into a service plus technology business, where our use of technology is focused on our passion for customer service, meaning transparency of information and data driven solutions that deliver value for the customer. As always, our passion is to deliver A Higher Standard of Service™ for our customers and UpWind Analytics™ further enables that passion. ”

UpWind Solutions is the wind industry’s leading third party provider of asset management operations and maintenance services. Our team of highly experienced wind industry experts is committed to providing a higher standard of service to the growing fleet of North American wind turbines. At UpWind Solutions, O&M stands for more than just operations and maintenance; it stands for optimizing and maximizing wind turbine production at a lower cost per KWh, ultimately delivering a greater ROI for owners over the full project life span. For additional information visit