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UpWind Solutions, Inc., North America’s leading independent full service provider for the wind industry, and Suspendem Inc., a leader in Canadian wind turbine O&M (Operations & Maintenance) services, have recently entered into a strategic relationship. With the partnership, Suspendem will be able to provide UpWind’s Vortex Generator (VG) Solution to the Canadian wind industry market for the first time.

UpWind Partners With Suspendem in CanadaUpWind partnered with SMART BLADE®, the wind industry aerodynamics experts, and 3M™ to deliver the best-in-class VG solution for wind turbine rotor blades. The vortex generators have successfully increased Annual Energy Production (AEP) by 1-3% for 10+ turbine technologies. UpWind developed a proprietary installation process with SMART BLADE that is customized to each turbine blade type, utilizes precise installation lines and repeatable installation procedures, and uses a strong adhesive from 3M that can last the life of the turbine.

With guidance and training from UpWind, the strategic alliance will allow Suspendem to use this custom installation process and provide the VG Solution to both parties’ customers in Canada.

”This is an important expansion of our VG solution into the Canadian market. We’re excited to have Suspendem join our team, where they are positioned for exceptional service and support in the Canadian market.” Jason Shelby, VP Services.

Proving Vortex Generators Suspendem Inc. performs specialized inspection, repair and maintenance services for the wind energy industry. They are the leading provider of at-height services in the Canadian wind energy market.

“Suspendem is pleased to add UpWind’s VG Solution to our gamut of O&M service offerings for the Canadian market.  We will utilize our experienced, pan-Canadian service teams to install this VG solution and help Canadian wind farm owners increase AEP with a short return on investment.” – Bill Talbot, Managing Director at Suspendem

The strategic alliance brings North America’s top rope-access providers together to give Canadian wind farm owners access to UpWind’s VG Solution.

About UpWind Solutions

UpWind Solutions is the wind industry’s most comprehensive independent service provider of maintenance, performance engineering, upgrades & repairs, parts, and technical support services. They operate and maintain a 3GW fleet of all major OEM technologies in North America with over 300 highly trained technicians and engineering team. For additional information visit:

About Suspendem

Suspendem Inc. provides specialized inspection, repair and maintenance services to Canada’s wind energy industry.  Suspendem’s turbine and blade inspection service teams use the most effective access method for the job: rope access, confined space and suspended platform.  With these integrated capabilities, Suspendem provides flexible, high quality services to Canada’s wind energy industry.  For more information visit:


Hansen Hunt

Hansen Hunt

Hansen Hunt is the Marketing Manager at UpWind. He is charged with creating content that helps educate customers about improving their wind farm's performance through O&M best practices and new technologies.

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