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UpWind’s comprehensive O&M services now include two new options to optimize value and profitability throughout the project’s lifecycle.

San Diego - UpWind Solutions, Inc., North America’s most comprehensive independent operations and maintenance (O&M) service provider for wind energy, adds two new services to their portfolio to…

  • Optimize service value and asset profitability through the entire lifecycle of the project.
  • Help owners optimize the value of their OEM warranty and provide turbine protection options after the EOW period.

The new services, Warranty Optimizer and Turbine Protection, help wind farm owners increase production, lower operating costs, and extend asset life, ultimately maximizing profitability.

The question of what a project life cycle looks like seems relatively easy to answer, often being broken down into four phases; development, warranty, post-warranty and end-of-life. The more interesting question around the life cycle is when should Operations & Maintenance (O&M) start? The easy answer is …at the beginning. From project inception through to end of life, O&M strategy and execution must be considered, developed, tested, refined, and continuously improved.