O&M Excellence

Safety, Quality, Training, and Better Results for the Customer

O&M Excellence

OM-Excellence-1000x1000px.jpgOur goal is to deliver high quality, safe services that continuously innovate, improve and add customer value through improved production, lower OPEX and longer asset life.

UpWind established a service foundation with four core elements: People, Safety, Quality, and Knowledge, combined to provide our customer’s with Better Results.

We have invested in these functions for seven years, built comprehensive programs and evolved them to deliver what we now call O&M Excellence. Ultimately, this is about driving Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) over the life of an asset, ensuring owner ROI is maximized through more production, lower operating costs and longer asset life.

O&M Excellence - PeopleSafety Program

At UpWind Solutions, safety is our highest priority and something we have built into every aspect of our managemenet and training with the goal of a zero harm outcome. Every employee at UpWind is trained on our safety standards and procedures, completes the SafeStart training to develop their personal safety skills both at home and the workplace, and know that they can Stop Work at any time if they feel unsafe. Together, these programs result in a Zero Harm outcome, making UpWind a safety leader in the wind industry.

Zero Harm


Zero Harm is the end result of the UpWind Solutions Safety Program being completely implemented and embraced. Zero Harm is not just a good catch phrase it is the end result of the UpWind Solutions safety culture coming full circle. Zero Harm is UpWind Solutions employees performing their daily duties in a manner that no harm will come to themselves, their fellow employees, the tools that they are working with are the equipment that is being worked on. Zero Harm is a goal that is achievable by diligently and consistently utilizing UpWind Solutions Safety Program; Standards & Procedure, SafeStart; Personal Safety Skills and I Can Stop Work at Any Time; Empowerment & Expectation.

Stop Work

StopWork_horiz_RGB_600pThe I CAN STOP WORK AT ANYTIME policy is designed to provide employees a safe and healthful workplace. Any UpWind Solutions employee, or contractor employee working for or with UpWind, has the right to STOP work at any time if they feel the procedure in use is unsafe.

Over seven years “I Can Stop Work at Any Time” has been embraced by the entire company. UpWind employees now believe that it is an expectation for them to stop work if only for a few minutes to get a question answered or the right tool to the job. By utilizing SafeStart to recognize the state or states that the employee is currently in and stopping work then employing the Critical Error Reduction Techniques (CERTS) UpWind employees are driving toward a work environment that is accident / incident free.


Safe Start


SafeStart addresses the Personal Safety Skills component of a world-class safety system and improves the other two components (traditional & observational) by focusing on unintentional errors and personal responsibility instead of rules, procedures and company enforcement. SafeStart raises awareness that our own actions account for the majority of our own accidents, near misses and injuries. SafeStart training highlights the states, errors, and state-to-error patterns that increase the risk of injury in any situation on-or off-the-job and then provides critical error reduction techniques (CERTs) and habits they can work on to decrease the risk of accidents, near misses and injury. This is the next level in the foundation of the UpWind Solutions Safety Program.


Quality assurance systems and controls for continuous improvement and zero defects

DNV GL ISO 9001:2008 Audit

UpWind is proud to announce the successful completion of the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System certification by their new auditor DNV-GL. This is their 4th annual ISO 9001 certification and the 4th audit they have passed with exceptional results.

There were NO FINDINGS and 14 Notable Mentions in the report.

 This year, UpWind Solutions selected DNV GL to undertake their audit. They were chosen because, as an RvA accredited body, the certification process was much more rigorous than UpWind’s previous auditors, which helps ensure their systems are continually improving.

Being ISO 9001:2008 compliant helps drive O&M Excellence© to ensure they provide A Higher Standard of Service to their customers.


Zero Defects

Regardless of role and title, every employee at Upwind Solutions makes an annual commitment to Zero Defects. Zero Defects literally means that our goal is to ensure that no defects ever occur in our work. We pledge to perform our roles in a manner that will not cause defects and ensures we capture non-conformances before work completion. Measured by tracking Escaping Defects, our goal is to achieve a total number of zero.

The sophistication of an O&M organization’s quality program directly relates to how well it operates and services a wind farm. Many O&M organizations, whether captive, OEM or independent, lack the motivation, knowledge and/or experience to implement a sophisticated quality program. Often a service provider is chosen with little attention given to its quality program and its associated management systems. The result of this lack of emphasis is poor turbine performance, lost component life and lost revenue.


Employee engagement, development, recognition and reward initiatives



We believe that passionate employees drive an exceptional customer experience. We strive to engage employees with communication, dialogue and innovative feedback. Employees and teams are recognized for providing a Higher Standard of Service and employees are rewarded with value zone empowerment, career progression, and a comprehensive total compensation package.



CLIMB provides a complete training program for UpWind employees, from entry-level to leadership positions. Our goal is to ensure that every employee has the opportunity to grow through comprehensive programs for personal development and training. With an engaging and interesting curriculum that enhances skills, builds competence, and equips our people to be the best they can be.


UpWind Insight is the collection of data, expertise, and experience that helps us deliver O&M Excellence for our customers. The application of our collected insight, or knowledge, gives us a unique advantage when operating a wind farm and results in more production, lower OpEx, and longer asset life for the owners. 


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“UpWind’s O&M service offering ranks in the highest capability range of any O&M service provider” DNV GL Capabilities Assessment 07.08.2014
“When we need more knowledge, we call UpWind” Erik Homen - AES Wind Generation, Lead Technician
“This is a great report. Thank you for sending this. It is very helpful. This is exactly what we were looking for.” Josh Fausset Manager Renewable Energy, OGE Energy Corp
“It is considered that UpWind’s parts management and inventory is consistent with industry best practices.” DNV GL Capabilities Assessment 07.08.2014