Quality Parts. Faster Response. Lower Cost.

Fleet, site, and turbine solutions for original parts, inventory management, and engineered alternatives for all major turbine technologies.



  • Filters and Hoses
  • Oil, Grease and Lubricants
  • Brushes and Brush Holders


  • Fuses, Relays, Contactors
  • Cabling and Wiring
  • Sensors and Fiber Optics


  • Converter
  • Main Control, PLC, LV Displays
  • Computer Hardware


  • Bearings and Brake Pads
  • Motors & Drives
  • Major Components

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servicing industry leading technologies

GE   /   Vestas   /   Gamesa   /   Clipper   /   Acciona   /   Siemens   /   Mitsubishi   /   Suzlon

ISP vs OEM eBook

Can an ISP match the OEM?

An independent service provider can indeed match and outperform the OEM when it comes to post warranty O&M services. You will learn the differences between an ISP and OEM and the value of assuming more control over your wind assets.

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Proving the Value of Vortex Generators

One year ago we published our first Vortex Generator (VG) case study based on limited data. Now, after installing 22,000 VGs and a year's worth of data, what have we learned?

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