Wind Turbine Spare Parts & Consumables

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Wind Turbine Spare Parts & Consumables

Our parts business is a critical component of the success we share with our partners. Our breadth of offerings and capabilities ensures parts availability and faster response times so we can provide a higher standard of service while also maintaining a lower cost per kilowatt hour.

Our parts business delivers:


We offer our customers knowledge and expertise on spare parts that enables them to optimize their inventory needs, supplement in-house storage with UpWind’s inventory management service, find solutions to obsolescence problems and source quality parts for on-time delivery at a competitive cost.

Higher Yields

The combination of parts availability, parts quality and rapid response times allows us to drive higher energy yields on behalf of our customers.

Competitive Costs

UpWind Solutions allows our partners to save costs on parts by providing a higher value at competitive unit prices, offering customized inventory management and by reducing labor mobilization/demobilization expenses incurred with parts unavailability.

Reduced Lead Times

With a strategically placed distribution center, we are able to reach our customers in a timely manner. This minimizes the impact of turbine unavailability that may result when awating spare parts.

If you are looking for further information on spare parts, to receive a quotation or if you are interested in becoming a supplier please contact or dial UpWind Solutions directly on +1 866.927.3142 to speak with the Parts Department.