Wind Farm Technical Support Services

Advanced technical support for inspections, remote operations, BOP/SCADA/MET, CBM, and Asset Management

Technical Support

Asset Optimization for wind farm owners

UpWind Solutions uses the latest technology to continually strive for Asset Optimization. We develop and investigate emerging products to create systems dedicated to improving your turbine's reliability and increasing production. We combine these advancements with our vast turbine knowledge to monitor, assess, and refine your asset, both hands on and remotely.

Wind Turbine Inspections Wind Turbine Inspections

End-of-warranty, Blade, construction, and UAV/drone inspections

Inspections are key to prolonging the life of any asset. Knowing the precise condition of your turbine allows you to stay proactive and make smarter decisions. UpWind offers a wide range of inspections covering the complete life cycle of your turbine, from the manufacturing floor to the decommissioning phase.

End of Warranty Inspections

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UpWind Solutions has completed over 4,000 end of warranty (EOW) inspections and has developed a unique expertise and process to ensure an owner takes full advantage of the value of their original equipment manufacturer (OEM) wind turbine warranty. The combination of our in depth technician training, history servicing wind turbines, operations excellence, and attention to micro details helps owners get a complete health check of their turbines. After an inspection, an owner will know exactly what state of repair their turbines are in prior to the warranty expiring and with enough guidance to submit claims and take corrective action before it is too late.

Warranty Assistance

UpWind Solutions is well versed in providing the necessary information and documentation that supports the wind owner's warranty claims. UpWind provides the data and images the owner needs to successfully file a claim. We can guide you through the process and ensure you have everything you need to get the most value out of your warranty.

Programmatic Health Plan

Think proactive, not reactive. The true value of inspection comes from the knowledge gained about the overall health of an owner's wind turbines. This holds value throughout the entire life cycle of your turbines. Understanding the condition of your assets can help improve maintenance cycle planning, warranty claims, assess the performance of your service provider or technicians, identify issues early on and schedule maintenance to prevent unnecessary costs and turbine failures in the future.

Wind Turbine Blade Inspection

Consistent internal and external blade inspections provides an owner with a clear picture of the life and health of turbine blades, which allows for the identification of any serial defects or patterns among all of the blades at a wind farm.

Most minor damages, if identified early on, can be rectified with minimal downtime, sometimes even in a single day. Regularly scheduled inspections are non-invasive, and serve to identify potential or existing issues with the life and health of blades, so as to prevent any costly damages or any defects that could potentially be catastrophic in nature.

The last thing a wind farm owner wants is to exchange or replace an entire blade, which can result in increased downtime, affecting the return-on-investment (ROI).


Components often require storage prior to construction. These units can be stored for a month or up to several years. During this time it’s important to perform inspections to make sure your components remain brand new. Weather conditions, wildlife, and duration often impact your unit’s health. UpWind is well versed at understanding manufacturer’s guidelines and inspection protocols during this period.


A solid foundation is key to success. UpWind performs inspections on every level of your construction project. Shipping and receiving inspections verify no components fly with any defect or damage. Mechanical, electrical, and commissioning inspections assure each phase was completed according to the procedure. As the last punch-list items are completed we conduct final walk-downs to assure your project was delivered as promised.

Lubrication Analysis (optional add-on service)

The wind turbine inspection includes analysis that examines the condition of the internal hardware and in-service lubricant. By testing for contamination, the inspection can identify current issues and predict future problems with the gearbox. Using this data, wind farm owners can extend the life of their turbines.

  • Oil
  • Grease
  • Hydraulic fluid
  • Coolant

Components in-depth

  • Gearbox internal bore-scope
  • Blade ground and rope access
  • Main bearing internal
  • Generator testing
  • Infrared thermography
  • Full tower walk-down
  • Foundation

Wind Farm Remote OperationsWind Farm 24/7 Remote Operations Services

UpWind Solutions provides 24/7 NERC compliant turbine monitoring. Our SCADA team evaluates your current IT infrastructure and determines the most efficient setup to work with any OEM system. After installation our 24/7 team will monitor WTG performance, events, and alarms. In addition we provide overnight site reporting so the site team can operate with efficiency.


Our 24/7 team is highly capable of integrating any curtailment plan into our monitoring services. As your primary or backup monitoring provider, we will curtail your units to meet your current agreements.


Integrated data acquisition and drivetrain component health monitoring. Our engineering team works side by side with you to determine the best approach for your assets. We implement solutions for existing monitoring systems as well as strategies for new installation. Our goal is to maximizing production by detecting component issues in their early stages.

Backup Monitoring

Our primary monitoring services can also be replicated to meet your redundancy needs. UpWind provides 24/7 backup monitoring for turbines as well as BOP. Our SCADA team evaluates your current IT infrastructure and determines the most efficient setup to work with any OEM system.

Technical Support ServicesWind Farm SCADA, MET and BOP Services

UpWind Solutions offers a wide variety of SCADA services. The health of your data is always our highest priority. Our team comes with the expertise to handle older and newer systems, developed by all OEMs. We work, on site and remotely, to evaluate your infrastructure regardless of the current state. Our goal is to support your needs and make sure data is freely flowing in your hands.

Managed Services

  • Infrastructure administration and support
  • SCADA commissioning and QA/QC
  • Infrastructure Virtualization

Data Service and Acquisition

  • Troubleshoot/repair data feeds
  • Historical repository to meet NERC/FERC compliance
  • Server upgrades/migration

Site infrastructure (turbine, servers, and racks)

  • Fiber Optics/Ethernet full service
  • Site Communications Reliability and Redundancy
  • Protocol Solutions and Support

MET Service

  • Full tower maintenance
  • Sensor repair / replacement
  • Data logger troubleshooting

Balance of Plant (BOP)

UpWind Solutions provides 24/7 NERC compliant BOP monitoring. Our SCADA team evaluates your current IT infrastructure and determines the most efficient setup to work with any OEM system. After installation our 24/7 team will monitor BOP events and alarms.

Meteorological (MET) Tower
  • Maintenance of meteorological towers and equipment installed by Owner
Electrical Infrastructure and Interconnection Facilities
  • High voltage switching
  • Maintain and repair as needed, SCADA and communication equipment
  • Maintain logs for all switching, reset, inspection, and repair records for SCADA and Electrical Infrastructure
  • Substation inspections
BOP Maintenance
  • Perform maintenance and Minor Repair on fiber optics network
  • Perform maintenance and Minor Repair on met masts [Minor Repair defined as a repair of $1000 or less per event]
  • Perform maintenance and Minor Repair on gates
  • Perform maintenance and Minor Repair on Maintenance Facility
  • Perform high and medium voltage switching
  • Perform annual oil testing of all padmount transformers
  • Perform infrared scanning of electrical connections in substation, junction boxes and at pad mount transformers
  • Inspect overhead collection system periodically
  • Inspect underground collection system right of way
  • Grounding – Outage Response
  • Warranty Sweep on BOP
Manage local suppliers to perform the following:
  • Substation maintenance
  • Road Repairs
  • Snow Removal
  • Padmount Transformer Repairs
  • Collection System Parts Replacement
  • Repair OH Lines and Underground Splices
  • O&M Building Maintenance

Condition Based Monitoring - CBMCondition Based Monitoring (CBM) to Improve WTG Reliability

UpWind’s Condition Monitoring (CM) service helps owners of wind farms by:

  • Reducing expenses (saving money)
    • Minimizing failures
    • Better knowledge of machinery health helps you:
  • Move toward Condition-Based Maintenance (CBM)
  • Implement preventative maintenance
    • Identifying issues before they cascade – before repair becomes more expensive!
  • Increasing availability (earning money)
    • Maximizing reliability
    • Identifying issues early improves ability to schedule remediation during low wind

Reduce Failure Cost

Major components of Wind Turbine Generators (WTGs) have significant failure rates:


Solution: Condition Monitoring (CM)

The goal of Condition Monitoring (CM) is to drive those expenses down. This can be done by decreasing the likelihood of failure, by lowering the replacement cost (by identifying little issues before they grow to be big issues) – or both!


Knowledge is power. Let UpWind Solutions help protect your bacon.

Why Condition Monitoring?

We’ve listened to our customers that are tired of systems they don’t understand. UpWind Performance Engineering puts experts to work for you – interpreting vibration and other CM data to draw real conclusions – and make meaningful recommendations for the health of your wind turbines. These improve reliability, increase longevity, and save you money.

Approximately 90% of WTG gearbox failures originate with bearing failure – but bearing failure is often easy to detect early, and so are many other mechanisms that lead to WTG failure! The good news is that – when these issues are identified – plans can be made to identify and address many of the underlying causes, improve maintenance practices, repair damage before it cascades, schedule repairs for a time that’s convenient for your wind turbine operations, and improve availability.

What is your machinery telling you? UpWind Solutions can help inform your next courses of data-driven action. This can range from top-level data analysis to performing Root Cause Analysis (RCA), or anything in-between.

Should the need arise, UpWind can also evaluate current maintenance practices, perform professional-grade borescope inspections, or assist in bearing alignments or replacements.

Feel safe, getting the most out of your equipment knowing it’s being watched and tracked by UpWind’s Performance Engineering team.

Asset Management

Pre-Commercial Period

During the pre-commercial period, UpWind will provide the following services for the Facility:

  • Oversee pre-commercial period services and ensure the smooth transition to the operational period.
  • Provide assistance and support Owner’s duties relative to O&M and contract negotiations.
  • Conduct walk downs and generate punch lists for deficiencies, track correction of punch list items and support Owner to reconcile any discrepancies.
  • Oversee the OEM’s programs, policies and procedures for O&M and EHS to ensure compliance.
  • Assist Owner in reviewing the OEM’s and the BOP contractor’s turnover procedures, including tagging and lockout protocols.
  • Implement an inventory control system.
  • Set up a procurement system and purchase capital and expendable maintenance equipment and tools on behalf of Owner for use by the contractors to maintain the BOP.
  • Review all OEM and BOP contractor data related to design, tools and spare parts lists, and operator training for the project. Provide comments and suggestions for improvement to Owner.
  • Review machinery plans and drawings for the project with respect to their impact on O&M. Provide recommendations for improvement to Owner.
  • Review project documents and O&M manual for requirements and impact on services provided by the OEM.
  • Prepare initial O&M cost and operating performance budget.
  • Develop project security measures and procedures.

QA/QC Services

QA/QC Services During the final three months (typical time frame) before the Commercial Operation Date (COD), UpWind will work together with the owner to ensure that each Wind Turbine Generator (WTG) is delivered on par with the OEM contract. The period during which the WTGs are being commissioned is called Phase 1. UpWind will perform select Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC) services on behalf of the owner including:

  • QA/QC inspections on construction activities and project status reporting
  • Auditing and inspection of work performed by the construction contractors for compliance to the contract specifications and tests and audit report preparation
  • Receipt of QC documentation for the collector system, wind farm substation, WTG foundations, WTG erection, and WTG mechanical completion and commissioning certificate
  • Baseline inspection of the WTGs, scope based on a full WTG EOW Inspection as outlined in Section 2.2.6

All QA/QC services and the baseline inspection will be completed using UpWind Reports™, UpWind’s handheld devices, software and database tool, making the results accessible to both the owner and UpWind Engineering Teams as soon as the data streams to the UpWind servers.

Commercial Period

During the commercial period, UpWind will provide the following services for the Facility:

  •          General day-to-day business management.
  •          Oversight of the OEM’s performance under the unit warranty.
  •          Oversight of the warranty program for the BOP equipment and monitor BOP contractor’s performance.
  •          Negotiation of facility services as needed and oversight of contracts and contractors.
  •          Administration of project agreements and contracts.
  •          Coordination of regulatory compliance (including NERC).
  •          Insurance/Risk Management oversight.
  •          Annual operating budget preparation.
  •          Monthly operating report preparation.
  •          Owner meeting presentations.

Remote Asset Management & Performance Engineering

UpWind can provide the following accounting services for the Facility:

  • Manage data flow from turbines and site to UpWind’s service center.
  • Analyze turbine performance; investigate events, trends and alarms.
  • Asset performance optimization.
  • Assemble and deliver monthly performance summaries.
  • Escalate issues to the site if necessary.
  • Assess the health of the turbines to ensure the turbine’s integrity.
  • Identify changing turbine operating trends.
  • Provide insight for optimization of the operation and performance of the site and the turbines.

 This service will be performed at UpWind’s headquarters in San Diego, CA.

Remote P&L Management & Accounting

UpWind can provide the following accounting services for the Facility:

  •          Set up and maintain accounting system.
  •          Maintaining complete and accurate books and records of all transactions in accordance with GAAP.
  •          Accounts payable and rent payment and processing, including sales tax and 1099s.
  •          Monthly financial statement preparation.
  •          Annual operating budget preparation.
  •          Preparation of monthly budget reconciliation.
  •          Treasury and cash management, including billing and collection.
  •          Administration of loan(s) and leases.
  •          Audit and tax coordination and oversight.
  •          Property tax oversight/administration.
  •          Management of renewable energy credits.

ISP vs OEM eBook

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“UpWind’s O&M service offering ranks in the highest capability range of any O&M service provider” DNV GL Capabilities Assessment 07.08.2014
“When we need more knowledge, we call UpWind” Erik Homen - AES Wind Generation, Lead Technician
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