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Proving the Value of Vortex Generators

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Wind Turbine Vortex Generator Solutions

Developed together with Smart Blade GmbH, UpWind’s Blade Vortex Generator (VG) solution maximizes the energy yield potential with maintained aerodynamic balance.

Reduce Flow Separation

Vortex Generators, designed for each specific blade geometry, improves the performance of the blades by energizing the flow around the blade and reducing flow separation. The performance of the entire turbine in terms of power, loads and service life can therefore be improved by means of precise installation.

wind turbine vortex generatorBoost Performance

  • Increase AEP 2-3%
  • Reduces flow separation
  • Reduces loads during volatile wind speeds
  • Corrects for leading edge degradation

Industry-Leading VG Solution

Optimized performance

A slight V-shape installation traces flow separation line for optimized performance.

Repeatable installation process

Optimal and accurate placement ensures aerodynamic balance.

Technology specific

Custom-designed VGs maximize energy yield for every technology.

Easy to install

Self-adhesive tape reduces room for error and assures firm bonding in a wide climatic range.