Turbine Warranty Services

Optimize the Value of Your Asset's Warranty

Turbine Protection – Full Service Warranty

Full Service Warranty Options for Unplanned Replacements and Repairs


UpWind Solutions first developed a ‘full wrap’ concept and solution in 2011 for a 10 year old under-performing project, which the owner wished to move from the OEM to a Full Service ISP. Four years later, UpWind has successfully shifted the project from a 78% Availability to a 96% Availability, covered major component risk and services, and delivered bonus generating production.

Whether the owner is looking for a ‘Bolt-to-Blade’ or ‘Drive-Train-Only’ solution, UpWind has the methodology, the experience, the proven track record and the applicable data needed to provide multiple options that cover unplanned major component replacement and repairs, with varying degrees of risk transfer and scope.

UpWind’s approach is customer centric because we not only develop the scope and price based on applicable data for the turbine type and project, but also share this analysis with the customer, in order to explain and agree on coverage, caps and price that match real risk, as well as risk transfer preference, in order to optimize the Turbine Protection solution.

This approach, of modelling and discussing risk, is unique in the market place today where most service providers do not explain methodology, or offer transparency of data and failure probabilities. Our goal is to offer VALUE CERTAINTY along with Price Certainty, where too many full service warranty solutions over-promise and under-deliver because customers’ never understand the price build up, or the real risk involved, and therefore end up over-paying for perceived risks that do not exist.


OEM Warranty Optimizer

Optimizing the Value of the OEM Warranty from Start to Finish

For many owners the question, “Am I getting the maximum value out of my warranty?” is a difficult one to answer. The ability to track and manage the warranty period is limited due to a lack of continuous asset data and an inability to assess turbine performance. The question is often left to the end of warranty period to answer, based on the results of post EOWI discussions.

Warranty Optimizer helps owners get the most out of their warranty


UpWind Solutions provides the ongoing oversight and management needed to answer that question though the warranty term (not just in the end) and to maximize the value you deserve.

The Warranty Optimizer service is provided for a fixed monthly or quarterly fee, plus a success fee …using a negotiable ‘pay for performance’ scale

ISP vs OEM eBook

Can an ISP match the OEM?

An independent service provider can indeed match and outperform the OEM when it comes to post warranty O&M services. You will learn the differences between an ISP and OEM and the value of assuming more control over your wind assets.

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Proving the Value of Vortex Generators

One year ago we published our first Vortex Generator (VG) case study based on limited data. Now, after installing 22,000 VGs and a year's worth of data, what have we learned?

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“UpWind’s O&M service offering ranks in the highest capability range of any O&M service provider” DNV GL Capabilities Assessment 07.08.2014
“When we need more knowledge, we call UpWind” Erik Homen - AES Wind Generation, Lead Technician
“This is a great report. Thank you for sending this. It is very helpful. This is exactly what we were looking for.” Josh Fausset Manager Renewable Energy, OGE Energy Corp
“It is considered that UpWind’s parts management and inventory is consistent with industry best practices.” DNV GL Capabilities Assessment 07.08.2014