Repairs & Upgrades

 Major component failure analysis, repairs, upgrades, at height services and pro-active programs for blades, gearboxes, generators and other components.


Wind Turbine Repairs & Upgrades to Improve Performance

At UpWind Solutions, we excel at giving wind turbine owners and operators turnkey services ranging from up-tower services to crane related major repairs and performance enhancing upgrades like Vortex Generators.

Whether you want to upgrade to improve power output, update to the latest technology or increase reliability, our technicians have the training and experience that makes us the premier provider of retrofits and upgrades.

Minor and Major Maintenance Repair Services

UpWind Solutions offers minor and major maintenance wind turbine repair services across a wide portfolio of wind turbine types.

Blade Services

Upwind Solutions blade services are comprehensive from manufacturing due diligence, life cycle inspection and repairs, upgrades and long term maintenance programs supported by an experienced staff with deep industry roots.

Experience and approach limits downtime.

It’s all about the customer and responding to your needs. Our approach is founded on interpreting the customer need and responding accordingly through real time consultation to fast response repairs. Leveraging both rope and platform at height access methods provides for an optimized solution in both efficiency and price.

Long term focus

Utilizing Upwind Insight informs a proactive maintenance strategy limiting surprises and ultimately turbine downtime.

Engineered Quality Approach

All Upwind services are supported by a robust quality and engineering department and ISO 9001 certified process managing the human element and improving repeatable quality results. All repairs are completed using standard or customized work instruction procedures and supervised real time for accuracy application.

Blade Inspections

  • Internal and external inspection and severity categorization is the foundation of our proactive blade maintenance program.
  • First responder inspection teams document critical details to support repair strategies or failure analysis.

Composite Repairs and Protection

  • Upwind leverages years of experience in the composites repair to provide high quality cosmetic and structural blade repairs.
  • Leading Edge Erosion repair and protection following manufacturer’s application specification for longest lasting finish and resilience.
  • Repair, installation or removal of aerodynamic components such as spoilers, VGs, gurney flaps etc.

Lightnight Protection Systems

  • Installation, inspection and retrofitting of lightning protection systems and their subcomponents.

Blade Services offered

  • Engineering consultation
  • Replace versus repair consultation
  • Engineered repairs
  • Rapid response repair
  • Blade Replacement
  • Dynamic Blade Balancing
  • Pitch Angle analysis
  • Blade Pitch Bearing Seal replacement
  • Serial Flaw remediation
  • Qualified QA and QC consultation and supervision

Other Related Services

  • Spinner and Nacelle repairs
  • Blade rain/dust collar repairs and retrofits
  • Lightning Protection System inspection, repairs and retrofits
  • Upgrades such as Aerodynamic enhancements and Leading Edge Protection


Our diverse service offerings and key partnerships with major component repair and rebuild facilities allows us to provide turnkey services to our customers. Along with gearbox replacements, we are able to provide rebuild options.

  • Gearbox assembly replacements
  • High speed bearing upgrade/replacement
  • High speed shafts upgrade/replacement
  • Pitch tubes repair/replacement


Our dedicated team of major maintenance technicians are capable of performing many major repairs up-tower using safe and quality processes Generator assembly replacement.

  • DE & NDE bearing upgrade/replacement
  • Generator slip-ring repair/replacement
  • Generator stator re-leads

Minor Repairs

Up-tower repairs combined with our routine inspection programs will allow our customers to plan their repairs in advance to reduce downtime even further. The ability to provide turnkey services ensures our customers receive safe and quality support throughout the project.

  • Yaw control upgrade/replacement
  • Transformer maintenance/repairs

Performance Upgrades

Vortex Generators

Proving the Value of Vortex Generators UpWind's VG Solution

UpWind Solutions partnered with SMART BLADE®, the wind industry aerodynamics experts, and 3M™ to deliver the best-in-class Vortex Generator solution for wind turbine rotor blades. The expertise of the three organizations combined created a new VG solution that is aerodynamically tested to provide the highest possible increase in AEP, with proven durability, and a standardized installation process that reduces installation costs and turbine downtime. The benefit to the customer is improved power production at low and mid wind speeds when the turbines are not producing at full capacity.

The flow visualization process SMART BLADE has developed is highly customized to the blade type. This allows for the recapturing of the maximum amount of power production otherwise lost to aerodynamic stall in the root region of the blade. Secondly, the materials (plastics and adhesives) used are designed for the harsh, UV rich environment of a high speed wind turbine blade.

The key to the UpWind Solutions/SMART BLADE/3M VG solution is a deep analysis of the blade aerodynamics in actual field conditions. Armed with a highly accurate map of the blade aerodynamics, a VG solution is designed specifically for that unique blade design. Unlike most other VGs available, the UpWind/SMART BLADE/3M VG Solution has the flexibility to place each individual VG in exactly the right location and orientation resulting in maximum AEP gains.

Leading Edge Protection

Turbine Blade LEP Upgrade


Leading Edge Erosion occurs for many reasons including for example the environment, tower height, blade make and performance. Upwind leverages our industry wide experience when analyzing these details and its relevance to erosion repair and protection. This starts with evaluating inspection reports or completing inspections such that the “true” extent of the damage can be assessed. The results will lead to an accurate estimate of the work required and consultation on the root cause. Some of the questions we strive to answer are:

  • What is the age of the farm?
  • Is the damage normal wear and tear?
  • Has the erosion propagated into the structure or is only in the outer coating?
  • What is the prevailing weather conditions experienced on site and how has it contributed to the damage?

Additionally taking account of the blade types and their material makeup will help to inform the appropriate leading edge protection to install.

Prevention is more efficient than repair


Erosion can cause significant AEP reductions

  • Pits and gouges reduce AEP from 4% up to 10%
  • Delamination reduces AEP up to 20%

Preventative blade repair & protection reduces downtime and costs

  • Repair of erosion can cost 2000 - 10000 € per blade
  • 3M Wind Protection Tape with installation will cost 600 - 1200 € per blade
    and should provide 5 - 10 years of leading edge protection
  • ROIs from all scenarios studied were less than 11 month

SCADA/Server Virtualization

New Call-to-action SCADA & Server Virtualization

SCADA infrastructure virtualization helps owners reduce the number of servers technical staff need to support and helps to create internal company equipment life cycle plans. It provides the technical staff with a more efficient and cost effective way to manage their servers and to protect their critical infrastructure.

A wind park typically has several OEM servers such as: Real-Time SCADA Server, Database Server, and Remote Access Server, all of which take up substantial space and require a lot of man power to ensure they run at peak performance. Most wind parks which have servers that have been running since COD are out of warranty (or soon to be), the parts needed to support are becoming harder and harder to find, and they are limited by legacy software restrictions. Often, in the event of failures, support staff are required to reach out to the OEM who in turn install their own proprietary applications costing tens of thousands of dollars.


Advantages of infrastructure virtualization

  • Longer life cycle of critical infrastructure
  • Increased security for NERC while eliminating direct physical access to the actual SCADA service
  • Lower cost of ownership
  • Ability to migrate older legacy servers/software into modern technology equipment
  • Fewer points of failure with appropriate redundancy
  • Lower support requirements
  • Increased critical infrastructure reliability
  • Ability to migrate into the virtualized environment without the need of the OEM
  • Increased ability for testing of patch management offline without impacting production
  • Faster disaster recovery upon system failures without the need of the OEM

At Height Services

Although blades make up much of our workload at height services applies great depth and ingenuity for solving jobs just out of reach. Upwind's At Height Services are focused on the full life cycle from transportation to construction and once cycling, in warranty or out of warranty.

Blade, Rope, and Platform Access Services

MarceloCampos-ArmeniaMtVGinstall2-124847-400x300UpWind Solutions offers a wide aray of At Height Services.

  • Bus Bar and cable tray repairs
  • Internal and external inspection
  • Internal and external tower cleaning
  • Torque testing of landing bolts
  • Pitch bearing seal replacement
  • Decal removal or installation
  • Tower flange sealing
  • Installation of pilot projects
  • Tower coating repair (the FUTURE-we don’t have certified techs for this yet)
  • Dust collar repairs and retrofits
  • Vortex generator aerodynamic improvements

ISP vs OEM eBook

Can an ISP match the OEM?

An independent service provider can indeed match and outperform the OEM when it comes to post warranty O&M services. You will learn the differences between an ISP and OEM and the value of assuming more control over your wind assets.

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featured eBook:

Proving the Value of Vortex Generators

One year ago we published our first Vortex Generator (VG) case study based on limited data. Now, after installing 22,000 VGs and a year's worth of data, what have we learned?

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